7 KVA Inverter Generator


$200.00 24 hours/$800.00 week


The EU70is is the biggest EU generator available with a maximum output of 7000 watts. This generator is perfect for parties, food and coffee vans, and more. The Sine-Wave inverter technology provides safe, high quality power suitable for frequency and voltage fluctuation-sensitive equipment, such as laptops and communications equipment, while being ideal for home backup power.

The advanced electronic fuel injection allows the generator to run for up to 18 hours continuesly depending of load capacity. The Eu70is features a triple chamber low tone muffler to ensure whisper quiet operation, as well as, an eco throttle to automatically adjusts the engine speed, increasing fuel efficiency and performance.




Maximum Output: 7000W/240V AC

Continuos Run Time: 18 hours

Run Noise: LwA 90dB(A)

Weight: 118kg