16″ Cordless Chainsaw


$110 24 hours / $88 4 hours


The new STHL cordless chain saw comes with a number of features to make your job easy. Some of these features include;

Chain quick clamping system, the STIHL chain quick clamping system makes tensioning the chain easier. After loosening the screw of the sprocket, cover the chain with the overlying control wheel, which allows quick and easy clamping. A tool is not required for this.

Clear oil tank, with a clear oil tank checking the chain bar oil level is extremely quick and easy.

The hire includes 2 AP3005 batteries and a charger. The AP3005 get to 80% charge in 40 minutes and 100% charge 70 minutes.



Bar Length: 400mm

Weight: 5 kg

Run Time: up to 37 min


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